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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday update

Well, I am at work today even though my back is still very painful. It’s a little bit better than yesterday- just painful to walk today instead of excruciating, so maybe I'll be able to work all day. I did see my Doc yesterday afternoon and he hooked me up with anti-inflammatories and pain meds for my back as well as some new meds for my ongoing sinus drainage problem. So if the muscle pain isn't too bad today, I'll stay working. Otherwise its back to the ranch and my comfy chair and some heavier duty meds. We'll see.

This bunged up back problem is probably going to screw up any chance of going camping this weekend which was the plan. I even switched my Friday off around to accommodate a trip this weekend. Now it looks like I'll be working this Friday just to make up the hours I missed yesterday. Grumble!

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